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Thank You!

Thank You IIT Roorkee and Codingal for selecting me as Winner of App Innovation Challenge 2021 under E Summit 2021

Nasa International
Space Apps Challenge 2021

I have a very good experience, I have worked a lot on this app, which I think can, overcome hurdles we face in our daily life. It may also enable us to go beyond the reach of internet barriers. And of course, I learned a lot.


Its a new Messaging app features Private and history less online messaging technique.
1 : 1 conversation ensures no history after exit in a conversation. Message retrieval is impossible.
Messages and files are just a trail. There is no compression on file sharing. Securely share Photo, video, audio and link.
Click on the picture to Download MushRoom Messaging app




MushRoom Messaging is private and history less messaging app with Uncompressed Audio, Video, Link and Image sharing facilities



Yesmam Realtime Classroom app facilitates virtual classroom education through interaction between teachers and students.

Cares U


With the help of this app you may Consult your Doctor. Easy to find Doctor near you, checkboxes to state health problems.


StarSlate -
Design, Draw,

Eraser within Pen category
Colour Scheme
Colour Mix
Drag to make Shapes
Text Shape and Image angle adjustment
Thirteen handpicked Fonts
Zoom and Reposition of papers
Pinch to zoom imported image
Sixteen stunning editing Effects
Instant Effect preview
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About Me

I am Aritra Neogi, student of Class X in Kendriya Vidyalaya Barrackpore (AFS)

I love App developing, Designing, Robotics and AI. I like to play Guitar and Write poems. I love to make new Friends.

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5/A, Sukantapally, Old Calcutta Road, Barrackpore, Kolkata 700123, India


Anandapuri, Barrackpore

Kolkata 700123