Freqently Asked Question Answers

What is Yesmam Realtime Classroom?

Yesmam Realtime Classroom Platform facilitates Virtual Classroom Education through blazing fast interaction between Teachers and Students. Available in Desktop and Mobile.

Is Yesmam free to use?

Yes. Yesmam is free to use and all the features are available without any paid subscription.

Is Yesmam a part of Yesmam Mobile App?

Yes. Yesmam Desktop syncs with your Yesmam mobile App and offers Realtime attendance, Study Material Upload and Important Notification features.

Where can I get Yesmam?

Yesmam Realtime Classroom is available on Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy App Store. Yesmam Desktop can only be downloaded from Link

What is the latest version of Yesmam?

The newest version of Yesmam for Android is 8.2. Android version 5.0 or newer is required to install.
Latest Yesmam Desktop version is 1.0. Windows 10 or newer is required to install.