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Question Maker AI

Question Maker AI

Question Maker is an Application which uses AI to make Questions automatically out of Scanned or Typed text. Edit, Save, Merge and Shuffle Question Papers and Share anytime. Latest version is 1.0 Know more

StarSlate Project Maker


StarSlate Project Maker is a Drawing, Designing and Editing App to create Projects On the go. Made especially for those who like to do anything related to Art and Design. Latest Version is 4.1.6 Ply Know more

Ingrace Browser

Ingrace Browser

Ingrace is an Application which presents Web browsing interface with better One hand experience and Safety in mind. Latest Version is 2.0.1 Know more

Yesmam Realtime Classroom


Yesmam Realtime Classroom Platform facilitates Virtual Classroom Education through blazing fast interaction between Teachers and Students. Available in Desktop and Mobile. Latest Version is 8.2 Download

Cares U Your Companion

Cares U

With Cares U Application, you can consult with your known Doctor and find nearby Hosipitals, Ambulances, Medical shops, etc. Latest Version is 4.0 Download